Asset Management Services

When you partner with us as your asset manager, our role is to ensure that your objectives and
goals receive first priority. To achieve this, we act as your agent, working directly with the
management company to provide oversight on all facets of your property operation


  •  Regularly consulting with hotel management to review daily financial reports,
    monthly/quarterly financial performance, accounts payable, receivable aging reports and
    operating account reconciliations
  • Reviewing all leases, maintenance contracts and vendor agreements
  • Reviewing property annual marketing plan and conducting regular audits to confirm adherence
    to plan
  • Reviewing competitive set performance and consulting on action steps to improve if necessary
  • Reviewing annual strategies to improve employee fulfillment
  • Reviewing annual capital budget and audit adherence to plan
  • Reviewing insurance claims and litigation
  • Conducting regular property visits and reporting on compliance to established service,
    preventative maintenance and cleanliness standards strategies and facility cleanliness and
  • Reviewing other pertinent industry reports that affect the property, e.g., market surveys,
    property tax reports, capital reports, appraisals
  • Providing other services and assistance as requested by owner to assist in the protection of
    their interests.